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One of the highlights of the weekly schedule for the students is chapel.  Every student at MCA attends one of two chapel services.  One is designed for students in grades K3 - 6 and the other is designed for students in grades 7 - 12.  Every year, students hear God-honoring, Biblical preaching from local pastors, church laymen, and the Pastor and Assistant Pastors of SBBC.  Fun songs and games highlight every service, as well as weekly "Warrior of the Week" awards. 

Fine Arts Competition

Each year, students in 4th - 12th grades have the opportunity to compete against other schools within our association during our Fine Arts competitions.  Students have the chance to participate in many different events in musical, academic, speech, Bible memory, projects, and many more.  Regional competitions are held within the association, with top finishers advancing to the ABCS Fine Arts Championship.  Fine Arts allows students the ability to compete in non-athletic events and to use their gifts and talents to glorify the Lord.  At the end of April, our school hosts the annual MCA Fine Arts Showcase.  This evening has become one of the highlight moments of the school year, as friends and family gather to see the students perform their Fine Arts' pieces, view their projects, and see the students receive awards earned from the Fine Arts competitions.


Throughout the school year, MCA students participate in many different intramural and interscholastic sports.  On the grade school level, students can compete in the following intramural sports:  boy's soccer, boy's basketball, and girl's volleyball.   At the high school level, students compete in boy's basketball and girl's volleyball.  Interscholastic sports are primarily played against schools within our association.  Through athletics, students learn the value of teamwork, self-discipline, ethics, and competition.  

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Trips / Activities

Some of the most fun and exciting times of the school year at Martinsburg Christian Academy are the different trips and activities in which students can participate.  Events like field trips, fundraiser prize trips and activities, and principal's activities are a few of the enjoyable events students will reminisce about for years to come.  Some of these trips are to local historical or educational locations, restaurants, area shopping centers, Baltimore and Washington D.C. historic and recreational sites, just to name a few.  Activities and award parties include lively games, food, and prizes.  Events like senior trip, high school revival, mission's conference, and spirit weeks provide memories that will last a lifetime for students of MCA.

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