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Bro. John Woullard, Pastor 


Pastor Woullard has recently been voted in as our new pastor of Shenandoah Bible Baptist Church. 




Mr. Hunter Kidwell


Mr. Kidwell grew up in Martinsburg and at Shenandoah Bible Baptist Church. He is a 2012 MCA graduate and earned his Bachelor of Theology in 2017 at Texas Independent Baptist Seminary in Longview, TX. Mr. Kidwell joined the staff at SBBC as the youth pastor in 2019 and started teaching in the school that same year. What he enjoys most about teaching at MCA is getting to train a new generation about the truths of God, and His Word, and His purpose for our lives. Mr. Kidwell enjoys hunting, fishing & enjoying the great outdoors.


Vice Principal

Mr. Jordan Jones


Mr. Jones has been a teacher at MCA since 2018.  He earned a Bachelor of Science in the fields of missions and counseling at Hyles-Anderson College in 2014. Mr. Jones serves as an assistant pastor at SBBC, teaches 7th-8th grade boys Sunday School, and oversees the AV of the ministry. He enjoys most at MCA seeing the transformation in a young person's life when they start applying the truths of God's Word in their hearts. He enjoys spending time with his family, golfing, hiking, and hunting.



K3 Teacher

Mrs. Cassandra Mann

Mrs. Mann started teaching in 2021 in our Pre-K3 class. She has been a faithful member at SBBC for many years and assists in the youth department. What she enjoys most about MCA is when a student gets the "I got it!" look after completing a new skill or subject and being able to have fun with the students. She enjoys gardening and canning in her spare time.


K4 Teacher

Mrs. Katelyn Conaway

Mrs. Conaway started teaching in 2021 in our Pre-K4 class. She attended MCA from K3 through high school graduation and received her associates degree in education from Commonwealth Baptist College. Her and her entire family are actively involved in the church ministries at SBBC and MCA. They have called this place home for many years. She enjoys baking, remodeling, chickens, and reading.



Mrs. Sheila Howard


Mrs. Howard is a graduate of Marietta Bible College in 1999 where she received her Bachelor of Religious Education degree. She began teaching on staff in 2017 as our Kindergarten teacher. What she loves most about working at MCA is getting to serve with a group of sincere people that love the Lord. Mrs. Howard is involved in soul winning, church visitation, and the nursery. In her down time, Mrs. Howard enjoys scrap booking and working on crafts. 



1st Grade Teacher

Ms. Megan Baker



Miss Baker has been a teacher at MCA since 2017. She has a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Hyles-Anderson College in Crown Point, IN.  She enjoys teaching because she gets to influence children, just like the teachers that she had as a child were an influence on her life.  She is a member of SBBC and teaches 7th-8th grade Sunday School.



2nd Grade Teacher

Ms. Morgan Burton

Miss Burton graduated from MCA and attended Hyles-Anderson College where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in music education. What she enjoys most about MCA is being able to influence children at the same school that influenced her as a teenager. MCA is very close to her heart. She is actively involved at  Warm Springs Baptist Church where here father is the pastor. She enjoys playing the piano and hiking.


3rd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Kayla Stanley


Mrs. Stanley started teaching at MCA in 2019 and is a 2008 graduate of our school. She is currently working on her associates degree in early childhood from Liberty University. What she loves most about teaching is getting to interact with her students. She also loves the "family atmosphere" we have with all the staff and students. Mrs. Stanley serves in the bus ministry, nursery, and in the choir at SBBC, where her husband is a deacon. She enjoys family time with her husband and four children, shopping, and crafting.



4th Grade Teacher

Ms. Joy Stalnaker

Miss Stalnaker started teaching at MCA in 2021. She recently graduated from Hyles-Anderson College with a Bachelors Degree in education. What she enjoys most about MCA is working with an administration, staff, and faculty that have a sincere desire to make a difference in the lives of others for the cause of Christ. She enjoys reading and cooking.



5th Grade Teacher

Ms. Leann Pennell

Miss Pennell started teaching at MCA in 2021. She grew up in Canada as missionary's kid . She graduated from West Coast  Baptist College with a bachelor's  degree in elementary education. What she loves most about MCA is that the staff and students come together as a family. She teaches 4th grade girls in our Sunday School at SBBC. She enjoys hiking and music.


Holly Guerrant.jpg

6th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Holly Guerrant

Mrs. Holly Guerrant started teaching at MCA in 2022. What she loves most about being a teacher at MCA is working with all of her amazing coworkers. She loves that we can make a difference together, not just in one child's life, but in multiple children- a difference in the family as a whole. When we are all working together- we can CAN make a difference.

She enjoys cooking, crafts, and spending time with her family.



High School Teacher

Mr. Jonathan Horton


Mr. Horton grew up in Fort Myers, FL.  He has a Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education, as well as a Master's Degree in Christian Education from Golden State Baptist College. He is an assistant pastor, in charge of the children's churches, and involved in special music at SBBC.  Mr. Horton enjoys hiking and playing basketball.  He is excited to be a teacher, because he has the opportunity to help prepare students to be successful in life.


Asia Regner.JPG

High School English Teacher

Mrs. Asia Regner



High School Teacher

Mr. Jeahn Maico Rubio


Mr. Rubio started teaching in the Junior High & High School in the fall of 2020. He earned his Bachelor's degree in Secondary Education from Golden State Baptist College. Mr. Rubio enjoys the opportunity to be able to influence the next generation for Christ and to work with the staff at SBBC & MCA. He serves at SBBC by teaching the 1st grade boy's Sunday school class and helping in the A/V ministry. In his free time, he likes reading, working on puzzles, playing sports, and using his creativity to draw. 


School Secretary

Mrs. Jonna Whitlach


Mrs. Whitlach has been our secretary since the summer of 2021 and is also our Fine Arts coordinator. She was born and raised in the Philippines and is a product of missions. She was led to the Lord by a Baptist missionary team. Mrs. Whitlach has a very sweet and servant like spirit. She is involved in the nursery, soulwinning and music at SBBC. She enjoys reading, playing piano, sewing, volleyball, shopping and research.


Kitchen Help

Mrs. Pam Knipe

Mrs. Knipe has been working at the school in various roles since 1989. She is a wonderful servant of the Lord who helps out with all of the hot lunches and special meals we have at MCA. She loves being a part of the children's lives and watching them grow in the Lord. She loves the opportunity to feed the children and being a part of MCA and SBBC. Mrs. Knipe also works as secretary for Maranatha Memorial Gardens, assists in the Friendship Ladies class, nursery worker, and plays the organ for SBBC. She enjoys baking and her grandchildren.



High School Teacher

Bro. Brian Marteney

Bro. Marteney started in 2021 and he teaches Bible and history in our high school. He is also the Bus Director and teaches the couples class at SBBC. What he loves most about teaching at MCA are the students. He loves influencing the next generation and helping them understand the content of the material being taught as well as interacting with them. He enjoys spending time with his family, cycling, hiking, and kayaking.



Yearbook & Photography

Mrs. Heidi Kidwell


Business Office

Mrs. Heather Marteney