MCA STAFF  #wearefamily


Dr. Corey Bane, Pastor 


Pastor Bane has served as pastor of Shenandoah Bible Baptist Church since January of 2013. Pastor has been in the ministry full-time since 1990, and he has served as a senior pastor since 1995.  Pastor Bane grew up attending Christian school, as did his wife and two daughters.  He has repeatedly shown his love for the ministry of MCA and Christian education.




Miss Hannah Strong

Miss Strong joined our staff in the fall of 2020 to help with the busy office due to a growing school. She graduated from Hyles-Anderson College in 2020 with a Bachelor of Science in Music. Her and her fiancé, AJ Harris, are active members of SBBC and involved in the bus & music ministry. She enjoys getting to work with the staff at MCA and is excited to tie the knot with the love of her life on Saturday, April 10.


Mr. Jason MacRae


Mr. MacRae has been on staff at Martinsburg Christian Academy since 2014. He has both a Bachelor of Science in Missions and a Masters Degrees in Church Leadership from Hyles-Anderson College. Mr. MacRae is an Assistant Pastor at SBBC where he teaches the Crossroads young adults class. He enjoys spending time with his family, reading history books, playing basketball, and watching  his Ohio State Buckeyes.

K4 Teacher

Mrs. Wanda Myers


Mrs. Myers began teaching at Martinsburg Christian Academy in 2016.  What she loves most about teaching is getting to see the light come on when the students "get it." She also enjoys working with the staff that is like "family," serving in unity. Mrs. Myers, along with her husband Vic, are actively involved in the  church bus ministry, Adult Bible Fellowship, Reformer's Unanimous Addiction Ministry, and discipleship at SBBC. Mrs. Myers enjoys arts & crafts, photography, and going on long walks.

1st Grade Teacher

Miss Megan Baker



Miss Baker has been a teacher at MCA since 2017. She has a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Hyles-Anderson College in Crown Point, IN.  She enjoys teaching because she gets to influence children, just like the teachers that she had as a child were an influence on her life.  She is a member of SBBC and is involved in the church ministries.


3rd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Lori Caldwell


Mrs. Caldwell started teaching at MCA in 2019. She graduated from Pensacola Christian College in 2000 and is the pastor's wife at Faith Baptist Church in Martinsburg, WV.. She enjoys connecting with her students and making a difference in their lives. After school, she enjoys spending time with her husband and four children

5th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Susanna Rubio 


Mrs. Rubio is a native Louisianan from Baton Rouge. She grew up down South, went to college on the West coast, and now teachers here at MCA. She is a 2020 graduate of Golden State Baptist Church. Her and her husband, Bro. Rubio, teach together at MCA and serve in the ministries at SBBC. Mrs. Rubio is very artistic and enjoys art, sports, and music.

High School Teacher

Mr. Jonathan Horton


Mr. Horton grew up in Fort Myers, FL.  He has a Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education, as well as a Master's Degree in Christian Education from Golden State Baptist College.  Mr. Horton enjoys hiking and playing basketball.  He is excited to be a teacher, because he has the opportunity to help prepare students to be successful in life.




Mrs. Danielle DeJesus

Although Mrs. DeJesus & her husband, Bro. Angelo, joined our staff in the fall of 2020, her and her family have been members of SBBC for over eight years. She graduated in 2008 with an associate's degree in business administration, and is currently working on her bachelor's degree in child & family development. She is involved in the RU Recovery Ministry that her husband leads & serves in the church nursery.  What she loves most about MCA is getting to serve the parents, students, and staff. Mrs. DeJesus loves spending time with her family, watching the Yankee's play baseball, decorating, reading a good history book, and traveling.

K3 Teacher

Mrs. Kayla Stanley


Mrs. Stanley started teaching at MCA in 2019 and is a 2008 graduate of our school. She is currently working on her associates degree in early childhood from Liberty University. What she loves most about teaching is getting to interact with her students. She also loves the "family atmosphere" we have with all the staff and students. Mrs. Stanley serves in the bus ministry, nursery, and in the choir at SBBC, where her husband is a deacon. She enjoys family time with her husband and four children, shopping, and crafting.



Mrs. Sheila Howard


Mrs. Howard is a graduate of Marietta Bible College in 1999 where she received her Bachelor of Religious Education degree. She began teaching on staff in 2017 as our Kindergarten teacher. What she loves most about working at MCA is getting to serve with a group of sincere people that love the Lord. Mrs. Howard is involved in soul winning, church visitation, and the nursery. In her down time, Mrs. Howard enjoys scrap booking and working on crafts. 


2nd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Bertha Hoover

Mrs. Hoover has been a teacher in Christian education for over 30 years. She brings a lot of experience to our school and is loved by our staff and students. She graduated in 1983 with a Bachelor of Religious Education from the International Bible Institute in Florida. On Sunday's, Mrs. Hoover serves in various capacities at SBBC. She teaches a 5th grade girls Sunday school class, is a nursery worker, and also is a junior church worker. She's been married to her sweetheart for 53 years. Mrs. Hoover is a faithful lady and we are so grateful to have her on staff.

4th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Lacey MacRae


Mrs. MacRae graduated from Hyles-Anderson College with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and a Master's Degree in English. She has been teaching at MCA since 2017. What she loves most about teaching at MCA is being in a peaceful, Christ-centered environment, and the family atmosphere of MCA. Mrs. MacRae is involved in the Sunday School, church choir, and discipleship ministries at SBBC. In her spare time she enjoys reading, music, and tennis. 


6th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Andrea Bard 


Mrs. Bard graduated from Liberty University in 2012 with a bachelor's degree in education. She began teaching at MCA in 2015. Mrs. Bard and her husband, Jason, are actively involved in the ministries at SBBC including the choir, special music, Patch Club, and assisting Pastor & Mrs. Bane with the Cornerstone Couples Adult Bible Fellowship. What she loves most about teaching at MCA is having the privilege to serve in a Christian environment and being with her students and three daughters. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and playing the piano.

High School English Teacher

Mrs. Virginia Harris


Mrs. Harris joined our staff in 2020 at beginning the second semester. Her husband, Jeff Harris, is the associate pastor of Shenandoah Bible Baptist Church. She graduated from Hyles-Anderson College with a B.S. in Secondary Education in 1996. Mrs. Harris is thrilled to help equip students for the future at a school where all subjects are taught with a Biblical worldview. She is involved in music, Ladies' Renewal, and the bus ministry. In her free time she enjoys music, cooking, and reading.

High School Teacher

Mr. Jeahn Maico Rubio


Mr. Rubio started teaching in the Junior High & High School in the fall of 2020. He earned his Bachelor's degree in Secondary Education from Golden State Baptist College. Mr. Rubio enjoys the opportunity to be able to influence the next generation for Christ and to work with the staff at SBBC & MCA. He serves at his church by teaching the 1st grade boy's Sunday school class and helping in the A/V ministry. In his free time, he likes reading, working on puzzles, playing sports, and using his creativity to draw. Mr. & Mrs. Rubio are expecting their first child next spring and are very excited to become parents.


High School Teacher

Mr. Jordan Jones


Mr. Jones has been a teacher at MCA since 2018.  He earned a Bachelor of Science in the fields of missions and counseling at Hyles-Anderson College in 2014. Mr. Jones serves as an assistant pastor at SBBC and serves as the Sunday School Superintendent, Discipleship Director, and oversees the AV of the ministry.


High School Teacher

Pastor Dan Caldwell


Pastor Caldwell has been the Pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Martinsburg, WV, since December of 2018.  Pastor Caldwell has been in full-time ministry for 15 yrs. He served  as a youth pastor in MI for 10 yrs and was the senior pastor of Tabernacle Baptist Church in Salisbury, NC, for 3 1/2 yrs before moving to Martinsburg.  Pastor Caldwell is one of our Bible  teachers and when not at school, he enjoys being with his wife and four children, serving in the ministry, hunting, fishing, softball, and many other outdoor activities. 

High School Teacher

Mr. Hunter Kidwell


Mr. Kidwell grew up in Martinsburg and at Shenandoah Bible Baptist Church. He is a 2012 MCA graduate and earned his Bachelor of Theology in 2017 at Texas Independent Baptist Seminary in Longview, TX. Mr. Kidwell joined the staff at SBBC as the youth pastor in 2019 and started teaching in the school that same year. What he enjoys most about teaching at MCA is getting to train a new generation about the truths of God, and His Word, and His purpose for our lives. Mr. Kidwell enjoys hunting, fishing & enjoying the great outdoors.

High School Teacher

Mrs. Stacey McArthur


Mrs. Stacey McArthur grew up here in Martinsburg and is a graduate from Southern Indiana Baptist College. She joined our staff in 1999 and raised her family here at Shenandoah. In addition to serving full-time as the Pastoral Secretary at SBBC, she serves in the nursery, choir, special music, and ladies’ ministry and teaches 4th grade girls’ Sunday school. She and her husband have 2 adult sons who serve in full-time ministry (both are graduates of MCA), and they now enjoy the joy of their 2 grandchildren! 


Kitchen Help

Mrs. Pam Knipe




Yearbook & Photography

Mrs. Heidi Kidwell


Teacher Aide

Miss Tori Harris

Business Office

Mrs. Caryn Bane