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A student is admitted to Martinsburg Christian Academy on the basis of the parents' desire for a Christian education for their child, as well as the child's desire to be a part of our school.  In an effort to strive to maintain the integrity of our school, as well as to uphold the Biblical values and principles on which our school was founded, each potential family must go through the following registration procedures:


1.  Interview with the principal, student(s), and the parents of the potential student(s)

2.  Application completed and received along with the application fee / registration fee

3.  Original "certified copy" of child(ren)'s birth certificate received

4.  Health form completed with all vaccinations required by the Department of Health and Human Resources

5.  Transfer of all academic records from previous school(s)

6.  Signed Parent / Student Agreement page of Handbook

7.  Tuition Contract completed and signed

8.  Verification of membership at a church of like faith


Upon completion of the above steps, a student is accepted on a probationary period to ensure that they are capable of maintaining academic excellence, as well as possessing the proper attitude and Christian behavior required by all the students at MCA.


For more information regarding our application or registration process, please contact the school office.

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