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ACADEMICS   Martinsburg Christian Academy

As a Christian School, our desire is to provide education and instruction to help students grow in every area of their lives, which would include the following:


  • Spiritual:  MCA uses a Biblical curriculum that supports the application of Biblical truths in academic content and methods, as well as disciple students to be able to apply and demonstrate their faith.  Our goal is for every student to leave MCA able and willing to fulfill the calling that God has placed upon their life, no matter what that calling is for them.


  • Intellectual:  We strive for students to have an appropriate grade level knowledge and understanding of material that can be demonstrated and validated through testing and daily application.


  • Moral:  We believe in teaching and training the students of MCA to be good citizens.  Character building, integrity, manners, respect for authority, and others, are just a few of the beliefs and expectations our students learn every day.  These principles are based on the foundation of our statement of belief and the expectation of excellence and integrity in the meeting of program requirements.  


To meet these goals, we have chosen to use the A Beka Book curriculum.   A Beka Book has provided high quality, academically challenging, and Biblically based curriculums to Christian schools for many decades.  Christian schools all over the country, and in many foreign countries, use A Beka Book curriculum to ensure that their students are receiving the best education available.  Many families wonder how this lines up with new Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for education:  A Beka Book meets or exceeds all CCSS standards in every area, except issues that we would not Biblically agree with the Common Core standards.  At a time when curriculum has regressed in many school systems, MCA works to maintain high academic standards for our students with our choice of curriculum.  


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